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Arc Segments

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The main application for arc segment magnets is in motors or generators, either for rotors or stators. We can supply Ferrite, Neodymium Iron Boron and Samarium Cobalt arc segments. Which material is used depends on the required torque, maximum operating temperature, environmental conditions and cost.

We carry a limited number of standard parts because precise specifications usually vary from one customer to another, requiring bespoke items to be manufactured. For prototyping, we can grind standard blocks into an arc segment using specially profiled grinding wheels. When full-scale production is required, the magnet is pressed to shape in a tool, prior to the sintering process as this is more efficient and cost-effective than grinding from blocks, but importantly from the same raw material grade for consistency from prototyping right through to production.

Generally, arc segments are anisotropically aligned through the outer and inner radii of the segment. After the magnet has been surface ground to profile the Arc radius or pressed, we magnetise it through the radius of the arc.

Arc Segments

We can supply arc segments as individual component parts, as an assembly from free issue ironwork, or from ironwork engineered by us.
We have also magnetised rotors with assembled arc segments as the last operation, thus allowing ease of assembly and efficiency of production.

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