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New Service: Recycling Magnets

Posted on 7th January 2019

Magnet Sales now offers a NdFeB recycling service to help prevent the unnecessary disposal of rare earth metals. We are able to accept scrap, end of life, NdFeB in most conditions to be recycled, reworked or re-processed into new magnets. Giving companies the chance to set up a clean and green end of life, waste disposal programs for magnetic components and assemblies that house Neodymium magnets.

It is Currently predicted that 600,000 tons of Rare Earth materials are in a landfill with less than 1% of all Rare Earth permanent magnets being recycled.

These Rare Earth materials include Neodymium or Nd, Praseodymium or Pr and Dysprosium or Dy. The process of extracting these raw materials is chemical and energy intense. Environmentally speaking, by increasing the number of Rare Earth metals that are recycled we are making massive reductions in our footprint on all levels. Including; Carbon footprint, Eutrophication potential and use of electric and chemical waste and by-products. The aim is to reduce the demand for mining rare earth elements not only to tackle the supply shortage of these critical raw materials but also to reduce environmental damage.

There is currently Rare Earth recycling processes that completely bypass the need for traditional chemical extraction techniques reducing the use of chemicals, energy and acids. These new methods create closed-loop recycled permanent magnets. The Hydrogen decrepitation process fires hydrogen at the rare earth magnet and turns it into a fine powder which is pressed and exposed to a magnetic field which aligns the particles before it is compacted and heated. The hydrogen only attacks the rare earth particles allowing objects that have concealed magnets in to be put through the machine whole and the powder collected will be exclusively the magnets particles and not the housing.

By sourcing end of life magnets from old wind turbines and electric vehicles and using this process, along with others, for reforming and upcycling to serve the next generation of products is critical to a cleaner future. We can create a closed loop supply chain for permanent magnets.

We have recently been able to prevent approximately a Ton of scrap onshore wind turbine magnets from landfill, helping the manufacturer to recycle the waste NdFeB material, therefore enabling them to comply with their strict internal environmental policies. Often the high energy magnetic fields from large NdFeB magnets are a challenge in terms of recovery and storage of waste. We can help and give the advice to enable you to save and dispose of, safely and cost-effectively. There are various ways in which we can help to recycle your magnets, if possible we can rework by de-magnetising, shot-blasting, re-coating, re-magnetising and testing, sometimes it’s possible to machine by cutting or grinding into alternative dimensional magnets or if too badly oxidized we can return to powder and re-sinter into fresh materials or use as additive in various NdFeB grades.

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