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New Service: Recycling Magnets

Posted on 7th January 2019

Neodymium is a critically listed, Rare Earth Material and there is a growing concern for securing reliable and unhindered access to it across the globe. Preserving the stock of NdFeB is vital for its continued use in modern products. The three main products by weight that use NdFeB magnets are hard disc drives, loudspeakers and wind turbines yet they are used in many other devices such as generators and electric vehicle motors. Many of this equipment has a service life of 5 to 15 years, at the moment the majority of the waste goes to landfill or is lost during the shredding of waste material. E-waste as a whole contributes to 4% of the total waste of Europe, a number that is growing rapidly every year, 90% of which goes to landfill.


Recycling NdFeB is important for a multitude of reasons, such as:

  • Prevents the wasteful disposal of rare earth material into landfill sites.
  • Reduces environmental impacts of the extraction chemicals because of a decreased mining demand.
  • Hydrogen recycling processes require little energy and have a minimal environmental impact.
  • Scrap NdFeB magnets contain 30wt% rare earth metals which can be used again.

We have recently been able to prevent approximately a Ton of scrap onshore wind turbine magnets from landfill, helping the manufacturer to recycle the waste NdFeB material, therefore enabling them to comply with their strict internal environmental policies. Often the high energy magnetic fields from large NdFeB magnets are a challenge in terms of recovery and storage of waste. We can help and give the advice to enable you to save and dispose of, safely and cost-effectively. There are various ways in which we can help to recycle your magnets, if possible we can rework by de-magnetising, shot-blasting, re-coating, re-magnetising and testing, sometimes it’s possible to machine by cutting or grinding into alternative dimensional magnets or if too badly oxidized we can return to powder and re-sinter into fresh materials or use as additive in various NdFeB grades.


Following our commitment to Magnetronic-Rec, Magnet Sales now offers a NdFeB recycling service to help prevent the unnecessary disposal of bulk raw materials. We are able to potentially accept scrap NdFeB in most conditions to be recycled, reworked or re-processed into new magnets. If you or your company uses industrial amounts of Neodymium then we may be able to help set up a waste disposal program.


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