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Magnet Sales – Magnetic Design

Posted on 21st January 2019

Magnet Sales and Service offers precise design detail using an exceptional amount of combined years of knowledge and experience coupled with Finite Element Analysis Software (FEA or FEM) along with magnetic testing capabilities. Our magnetic modelling software also offers additional accurate predictions of magnetic fields which we can test in real time depending on the magnetic design and material. These attributes allow us to provide bespoke magnetic assemblies, design and assembly solutions, optimum material selections, all working to specific customer specifications. Using our software, we have the ability to send and receive drawings for our engineers to review and alter where we see an opportunity for improvement.

We offer effective magnetic solutions and design aid from the initial design process right through to the end product and post-fabrication testing. Magnet Sales works closely with all of our customers from the first concept of product design through to full production of prototype product and full-scale production. Our services include;

  • Choice and supply of magnetic materials – materials and magnetic grades selections differ through changes in environment elements and application.
  • Magnetic modelling and  Testing – 2D and 3D FEA (FEM) as well as physical material analysis including magnetic technical specifications such as BH Curves (Hysteresis), Gauss and Helmholtz coil readings. Testing to ensure a consistent magnetic result from prototype to production.
  • Rapid manufacture prototyping bespoke parts and systems
  • Selection of Bonding agents – high-temperature adhesives, epoxy resins, single part, etc. and temperature curing of some adhesives
  • Assembly and sub-assembly – Using our own parts or free issue materials
  • Post assembly machining and precision grinding of parts including Rotors and Hubs
  • Design input throughout the developmental and assembly stages – Design for repeatability and ease of assembly.
  • Magnetisation and De-magnetisation pre and post-production

Our design consultations have aided with magnetic solutions in the production of bespoke magnetic assemblies for an impressive array of industries and markets including; automotive, aerospace and other transport, Energy including renewable green energy, motors and generators. Magnet Sales also regularly works closely alongside academic institutions and research and development firms.

We regularly operate under Non-Disclosure Agreements and welcome the opportunity to develop new professional partnerships for technically and commercially sensitive projects. If you have any technical related queries, our team would be happy to offer free impartial advice. Contact us today!