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Fiber Laser Marking

Posted on 9th March 2018

Magnet Sales and Service Ltd continuous growth has led to further investment in the form of a new Fibre Laser Marking system. The versatile machine offers diversification to our growing range of services. The ample work area allows a wide variety of parts to be marked; large or small, from the hardest metals to light, delicate plastics, as well as Nickle Copper plated magnets. Featuring a high-powered MOPA Fibre Laser Engine, capable of providing high peak power when needed, and boasting extremely quick processing times alongside unmatched flexibility. We can mark graphics, text, barcodes, serial or date codes and more! Including a full-size rotary device that can achieve automatic 360° radial part marking. Producing laser marking to an almost unmatchable degree of quality and precision, the machine makes a great addition to MSS’ repertoire!

  • Permanent high contrast marking of metals and plastics
  • A wide range of  effects and finishes
  • Very fast set up providing cost-effective process time
  • Intricate marking and engraving machine capability
  • No coolant or chemicals used – Environmentally Friendly
  • No process impact to materials


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