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Adjustable Magnetic Dipole Assemblies

Posted on 28th March 2016

Magnetic Dipole assemblies are engineered by utilising two magnetic arrays facing each other with opposite polarity to produce a certain magnetic field at a set airgap depending on the application required.

Magnet Sales technical team can design and build a system to produce a homogeneous magnetic field within the desired air gap. These systems can be static or adjustable and are used for many different applications such as Mass Spectrometry, Particle Deflection and Separation, Experimentation, Laboratory Equipment for Research and Development.

We design and build to your requirements as standard with no delay or additional cost.

MSS has developed an adjustable Dipole with a range of 0.65 Tesla at 30 mm to 1.1 Tesla at 6 mm. Contact us or check out our Pdf here for more details.