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Magnets Aid Glastonbury Clean-Up

Posted on 14th February 2015

One of the biggest costs of running the Glastonbury festival is the massive cleaning operation afterwards. Magnet Sales has manufactured a giant magnet which can be attached to the front of a tractor and used to pick up magnetic waste material such as tent pegs, bottle tops etc to aid in the Glastonbury Clean-Up project. The tractor sweeps the fields of metal debris before the dairy herd are allowed back onto the field to graze, as serious damage can occur in the animal’s stomach if metal parts are accidentally digested.

The magnet was constructed by bonding large ferrite blocks together in an array to maximise the magnetic field and distance that the magnet will collect metal parts from the fields. Weighing in at well over a tonne this is one of the largest magnets assembled by MSS to date.

The finished magnet sections were embedded inside a hydraulic assembly which lifts the magnet clear of the collection plate allowing the scrap metal to be released from the magnet.

The magnets will not de-magnetise over time and do not need an external power supply. Magnet Sales can design bespoke separation and collection systems to suit similar applications at no additional cost or delay.

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