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MSS have the ability to identify and magnetically measure magnetic material to match existing specifications and to clarify performance and quality criteria. Using the following methods of magnetic testing we can uncover any issues you may come across with your magnet assemblies or products.

Gauss Meter & Probe

The purpose of a gauss meter is to measure the surface gauss of magnetised material, or to measure flux densities within a magnetic air gap. The instrument consist of a Hall Effect probe and an integrator, the integrator converts hall voltage changes caused by magnetic fields into direct gauss readings.

Magnetic Pull Tester

Where a minimum holding force is required from a magnet or magnetic assembly, the magnet is pull tested prior to despatch. Capable of applying up to 200kg of load to a magnet, this device helps us to ensure the highest levels of quality control.

Helmholtz Coil

Helmholtz coils are used to measure the average magnetic moment of a permanent magnet. The coil consists of a pair of identical coaxial coils, with a diameter which is exactly double the distance between the coils. This produces a homogenous field between the two coils which can be used to measure small magnetic dipoles with constant sensitivity. The coils are coupled to an integrator, the output of which is directly proportional to the total magnetic moment of the magnet. This is a comparative test that offers the measurement of a whole magnet and its moments compared with a single surface reading which you would get from a gauss meter.

Hysteresis/Force Testing

Magnet sales have tested voice coil motors which were used in life support systems. As this was a critical care application, the motors had to conform to strict FDA requirements. Each component was 100% tested prior to and during the assembly process. After the motor was assembled, we accurately measured the force, hysteresis and shaft length of the motor. To pass the tests, the motor had to fall within tight tolerances as specified by the customer.


A Magnaprobe can be used to identify the North & South seeking poles of any magnet and will prove an invaluable aid for the assembly of permanent magnets when polarity is important.

Magnetic Viewing Film

Magnetic Viewing Film is used to reveal the magnetic pole pattern on the surface of a permanent magnet or within a magnetic assembly or device. The green foil laminate contains ferromagnetic flakes encased by oil microcapsules which when moved over a magnet will rotate. The dark green areas are where the flux lines are perpendicular to the surface of the film and the light areas are where the flux lines are horizontal. It therefore allows an instant visual check on where one pole face finishes and changes to another.


A permeameter is used to measure the hysteresis loop of a magnetic material. The material you wish to test is magnetized to saturation point and then demagnetized while the flux output is measured and plotted in a closed circuit condition. What results is the BH-curve for this material.

MSS also supply Gauss meters, field traces and polarity indicators for those working or assembling magnets in house.


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